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If You Don't Find Exactly What You Want, Commission A Piece Of Art Made Specifically For You!

While In Montauk, Visit The Depot Art Gallery, Headquarters And Gallery For The Montauk Artists' Association.

Since that time, the information may have been added, cancelled, or altered.

Always double-check all pertinent information before registering or attending.

At Weekend Dating.com, it doesn't take a whole evening to enjoy a date—just about five minutes.

Our New York singles events take place in Manhattan and have resulted in 35 engaged couples so far.

Check out what's going by community around Long Island, New York!

We offer Long Island Singles events and Speed Dating NYC in addition to concerts, ,shows and more.

In addition to the traditional speed-dating format, the company organizes laid-back, yet structured and age-appropriate activities ranging from bowling and billiards to cooking classes.

The matchmaking network organizes speed-dating events for singles throughout NYC and Long Island, each of which crams about 15 miniature dates into the span of a single evening.

Date & Time: Saturday, June 10, 2017 PM- PM Male ages: 38-52 Female ages: 35-49 Location: Acacia (Huntington) 371 New York Ave Huntington, NY 11743 Cost: .75 Description: Ladies- bring a female friend for free (limited time offer- Get Details).

48 Engagements,a few kids and a lot of other happy couples!

In the meantime, check out some things to do this weekend!



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    Donald Trump's daughter certainly had a thing for famous men, judging by the two stars she was previously linked to in her mid-20s. The 35-year-old business mogul briefly dated Grace back in 2006.

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    Should I talk to craft service and make sure they have Lunchables for your girlfriend?

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    They were mating in the trees, they were mating in the air. Their bodies crunched beneath our sandaled feet as we stood in his mother's verdant yard and kissed. He called and I told him sure, yes, I would meet him down in Costa Rica for a week.

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    I'd like to wrap your legs around my head and wear you like a feed bag.20.

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