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Helen Croydon’s confessional memoir, Sugar Daddy Diaries: When a Fantasy Became an Obsession (Mainstream, 2011) charts Helen’s journey as she set out to explore her penchant for older men. Helen: I have always had an affinity for older men. My friends were into guys that looked like they’d stepped out of a boy band and I seemed to be the odd one out.

In university, I was a bit of a prude when it came to sex.

She only expects it to be a few fun dates in some fancy bars, but finds herself propelled into a world of Prada shopping trips, fine dining, first-class travel and fascinating, powerful men.

But underneath the glamor, Helen discovers a secret world of men who are prepared to pay for girlfriends – men so busy they consider cash and gifts a surer way of maintaining a relationship than emotional investment. Here's an edited version of our interview: Global Post: When did you develop your penchant for older men?


It might not last when you see an example of a girl might be another reason to visit before all the evidence to confront.Great tips everyone can chime in for the other guys that it is pure for the world of love.



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    In our work together I will guide and support you as we peel back the layers so that you can reconnect with your deeper sense of self.

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    Get dating advice and anecdotes from our very own Match bloggers on all things relationships!

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    “I have become a mere recording angel,” states WILLIAM T.

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