Wireless stuck at validating identity

However, an even greater benefit is the power and flexibility that CUBE provides with its ability to modify SIP headers much like the larger and more costly Session Border Controllers used by SIP Service Providers.

In this case the modification is for SIP Diversion.

By default, when UCM forwards a call to another number over the SIP Trunk it sends the internal DN as the number performing the redirect.

This is a problem when forwarding calls back to the PSTN as the provider expects 10 digits instead of 4 (or whatever the CUCM internal dial plan may be).

But it would seem to get continually search for, but never acquire a network address or renew the IP address.


None of these changes gets saved.I try to connect, I get a permanent validating identity message and all of the settings I entered are erased. Yes, the lettering & numbers on these phones are way too small! If you are all lucky [LOL], you will all be in our shoes one day! They care about no one but themselves & call this phone the "Obama phone" when he had NOTHING to do with it!Sad that everyone calls me their favorite Aunt, but no one has time for me. I live on 0 a month without any help except for my heating.When I check the status, it says I am connected to the internet with excellent signal strength. The wireless icon in the right hand corner shows a dark blue screen with gray waves coming out of it (however when I can get online this icon usually shows as a flashing bright blue screen with green waves coming out of it.) I have connected to this router in the past with no problems, however I was recently traveling with my laptop and connecting to hotel internets, and I’m wondering if somehow some of the settings got changed.


Microsoft is conducting an online survey to understand your opinion of the Technet Web site.In this example it’s any SIP signaling message that contains a SIP header called Diversion.



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