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She has been married three times, first time in 1973, she was married to Alvin Martin and then she got a divorced in 1979, she has one daughter from that husband.Then she got married for the second time on September 1, 1986 with a cinematographer named by David Claessen, this couple then got a divorce in 1988 and then on October 1, 1994, she got married with Lyle Trachtenberg professionally who is a union organizer then this couple got a divorced in 1995.Posted: , Author: Bajytu When in Doubt, Smile, im a huge advocate of smiling but Ive never heard anyone discuss it so elegantly like Ron Gutman. Se conocieron durante el rodaje de la pelcula ' Made in America' free fiady dating sex in tooting y tuvieron un breve romance que termin en polmica.


now Who Is Whoopi Goldberg married to husband current partner boyfriend. Dating History and Professional Life: She dated Danny Glover, Bill Duke, Alvin Martin in 1973 and the she got married with him.



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