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Benjamin Britten would not normally have had much truck with these ideas.

Yet in 1964 he identified just such a trend in Schubert’s music, an inexplicable shift in the last year or so of his life, when syphilis was draining him of his health.

"In the history of art,” observed the philosopher Theodor Adorno mischievously, “late works are the catastrophes.” Not disasters: catastrophes — a spectacular subversion of an artist’s oeuvre, all within the context of a sense of mortality overtaking the individual.

The final period is necessarily ruptured from the earlier: carefully sculptured works of youth and maturity make way for pieces branded with tears and fissures as proof of a recklessness or powerlessness in the face of inevitable demise.

Other names for Llywelyn were Llewellyn the Great Prince of Gwynedd, Llywelyn Fawr Prince of Gwynedd, Llywelyn I of Wales, and Llywelyn ap Iorwerth. Gladys Dhu.]"Source: and parts of the medieval buildings still remain). In the year 1692 Major Edward Dorsey was one of the committee appointed to read and inspect the laws of the Province, and a few years later we find him a commissioner in Chancery."He was one of the first to contribute to the fund for establishing free schools in Maryland, was a trustee of King William and Mary School, and was given authority to conduct the arrangements for the building of St. On account of the inability to secure workmen he resigned the latter commission."Although referred to as Major in the Archives, the title of 'Colonel' is given Edward Dorsey in the settlement of his estate, indicating that he attained the higher military honor before his death."The inventory of Colonel Edward Dorsey's estate bears evidence of his manner of life, for the bequests of silver tankards and cordial cups, silver-hilted swords, chafing dish and other evidences of the convenience and elegancies, indicate that he kept up the dignity incident to a Prtovincial Justice and Keeper of the Great Seal and field officer of the Colonial troops in his county.

Research Notes: Source: by Frederick Lewis Weis and Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr, ed. During Llywelyn's boyhood Gwynedd was ruled by two of his uncles, who had agreed to split the kingdom between them following the death of Llywelyn's grandfather, in 1208 Llywelyn took the opportunity to annex southern Powys. His seal gold ring, which was left to his son, Edward, was probably the one used later by Edward and Joshua in sealing a joint deed.


They tracked down a gondolier who knew the traditional cries, and in a notebook Britten wrote out the strange animal calls as the Venetian made them, Pears jotting down the words. His assistant Rosamund Strode remembered Britten at some point saying of his schedule: “First of all I’ve got to finish this one, then there’s a big work, then an opera, and then I’ll be ill.” Once home from Venice Britten found himself out of sorts.Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses.



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