Who is chris crocker dating


I’ve always had trouble getting my kids to eat breakfast on Christmas morning.

Who wants to stop and eat when there are stockings to open and gifts to unwrap?

It has been a long ride into fame for internet celebrity Chris Crocker.

The singer, songwriter who garnered fame in Hollywood with his video “Leave Britney Alone” is reportedly dating someone.

Before I did Weird Science I definitely wasn't thinking, 'Oh my God, I'd LOVE to do a series for four years where I got to be a loud, obnoxious, militaristic asshole!

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In the last five years Crocker has continued to cultivate his cult status with new videos and the release of Britney-esque pop tracks of his own.


The American Internet celebrity, blogger, songwriter, recording artist and former pornographic film actor didn’t have to work hard to gain the ultimate popularity in show business.The words were spoken by Chris Crocker, a then 19-year-old from Tennessee with an already burgeoning Internet career who regularly posted videos to You Tube and My Space.



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