What to do for first year anniversary dating


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Attention to each other Nostalgia of past moments Need of each other Intuition development for each other Vivacity of love with each other Engaged with each other Righteous feeling for each other Support each other Adaptation and affection for each other Rebellious to protect each other Year and year year….

First anniversary wishes for couples: 1st wedding anniversaries are all about celebrating the end of one of life’s most romantic years.

The first twelve months in a married couple’s lives are exciting, sizzling and simply heavenly. 7) You both are not just any other beautiful couple. Just looking at you both talk like two teenagers in love, makes it seem that your pair was matched by the heavens above. 8) Today I am going to send a congratulatory greeting card to Cupid for doing such a good job with you both. 9) The beauty of celebrating your first anniversary is the ignorance that the rest of them will be nowhere near so wildly romantic. 10) I always thought that money is everything in life, until I saw the tender love between you and your wife. 11) Twelve months of peaking romance, never-ending hugs and sizzling kisses calls for a celebration. 12) The sun seems to be shining brighter, the skies seem a bit bluer and the birds seem a bit chirpier – all because today is the anniversary of a sweet couple unlike any other. 13) A year ago on the same day you were gazing into each other’s eyes and saying I do.

My husband and kids and I went to my childhood home and hung out with my mom.

I was hoping to spend the day at home, outside, gardening in the shade garden my dad created for me. The only thing I can think of is going shopping for garden things for the shade garden (a bench, a fountain, something like that) but that doesn’t feel quite right. I will spend the whole time bawling and everyone will stare at me and I don’t want that. Well, I have a half-sister, but that’s another story. I’ll reply to your responses in the comments (something I normally do but I’ve been overwhelmed lately and falling behind). Any ideas would be most appreciated, whether you’ve been in this situation or not.



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