Vuze not updating

Try these things and report back and we can go from there if not solved. When I'm logged in under my credentials I keep getting the little popup note that I need to update Java. "Windows 7" and related materials are trademarks of Microsoft Corp.Computer type PC/Desktop System Manufacturer/Model Number custom built OS Windows 7 ultimate 64-bit CPU Intel I7 2600K 3.4ghz Motherboard Asus Evo P8P67 Memory Corsair 16gb ddr3 1600mhz Graphics Card Nvidia Geforce gt 430 Sound Card Sound Blaster Titanium x-fi pci express Monitor(s) Displays Dell E198WFP Keyboard logitech mk700 Mouse logitech m705 PSU Antec 1200 watt Case Inwin Dragon Rider Cooling 6 case supplied cooling fans Hard Drives 1 western digital 2TB drive. I try to update it & it stalls, I assume because it requires Admin. Possible workaround: Maybe there's an option in Vuze to NOT check for an update? My own workaround: With Firefox, I downloaded the newest Vuze, installed it in my ~/vuze, and now run that version.HTHSo, I have tried to unistall Vuze through the add/remove, and it says: Cannot remove 'azureus' One or more applications depend on azureus. I am currently experiencing this Java problem that I only encounter when updating my Vuze Bittorrent Client. Invocation Target Exception" After clicking OK button, the setup ends.I am just updating it to newer version but every time I try, the error pops up. And when I re-try to install the update, the Vuze Installation Wizard will show this message: "The installer did not start up correctly on the last run. Do you want to download or manually select the JVM?I will take a look in the next few days and if I find others, then I will post here. Please post if you find any "update options hidden around" Anupam and Remah - Thank you for all the information. Regards, I did not find any additional update items in the options.



String Builder [Tux Paper] CHANGE: Core | Support as/xs in magnet links [Parg] CHANGE: Core | Automatic JVM memory increase now more aggressive [Parg] CHANGE: Core | Explicitly check if SSL certificates are trusted as relying on the Java runtime to do it sometimes results in excess prompts [Parg] CHANGE: Core | Prevent erroneous attempt to auto-remove non-persistent downloads from tags [Parg] BUGFIX: UI | Fix restoration of tag views in classic UI [Parg] BUGFIX: UI | Scope display for tag add/remove was broken [Parg] BUGFIX: UI | Changes to ip-filter from privacy tab were not being recorded [Parg] BUGFIX: UI | Handle invalid DPI [Parg] BUGFIX: UI | Column-reset was broken for All Peers view [Parg] BUGFIX: Core | Don't auto-import torrents for archived downloads [Parg] BUGFIX: Core | Large web-page responses broke strict clients by returning incorrect content-length [Tux Paper] BUGFIX: Core | Handle chunked transfer-encoding [Tux Paper] BUGFIX: Core | Initial download for new subscriptions not always occurring [Parg] BUGFIX: Core | Handler network interface enumeration exception during initialization [Parg] BUGFIX: Core | Reduce opportunity for blocking when searching at startup [Parg] BUGFIX: Core | Support bigger maximum piece sizes [Parg] BUGFIX: Core | Don't attempt to apply tag constraints when Vuze is closing [Parg] " / Vuze is the ultimate client for Bit Torrent.

When you open the Options dialog, on the bottom left of the screen just above the Save button is a box that says "type filter text".

So you are trying to download the same torrent to two different computer both on the same home network?

All I want to do is uninstall it so I can install the one that works from the web.

If I try to install it now, it runs into the old version and wont uninstall it for some reason.I manually update my Java to the latest version which is Version 7 Update 45 but problem still persists.


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