Vb6 row cannot be located for updating

Hi guys, I am using VB6 SP5, ADO 2.8 and SAPDB I have a table as follows CREATE TABLE "DBA"."TBL_USERS" ( "USERID" Integer NOT NULL, "LOGONID" Varchar (20) ASCII NOT NULL, "USERNAME" Varchar (30) ASCII, "USERSURNAME" Varchar (30) ASCII, "LASTLOGGEDIN" Timestamp, "LASTCHANGED" Timestamp, "ISACTIVE" Smallint, "XPASSWORD" Integer, "CANEDIT" Smallint, "CANSYSADMIN" Smallint, "LOGGEDIN" Smallint, PRIMARY KEY ("USERID") ) I run the following VB code Private Sub Command1_Click() Dim s Sql As String Dim ors As ADODB.

Recordset s Sql = "select userid, username from TBL_USERS where LOGONID = 'ND'" ' get recordset with Lock Type= ad Lock Optimistic, ' Cursor Location= ad Use Client, Cursor Type = ad Open Dynamic Set ors = Open Me ARecordset(go Connection, s Sql) ors! Update Set ors = Nothing End Sub When I run it, I get a "Row cannot be located for updating" error on the o Rs. If I switch the cursor to serverside, I get a SAP error "Syntax error or access violation; -3014 POS(15) Invalid end of SQL statement".


Some values may have been changed since it was last read." The values looked up have not changed, the only change might be price or quantity.mick yes, i used My SQLQuery Brower to retrieve the data and can even update it.



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