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Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Download Brochure You may be interested in these related Tri-Conference short courses: SC5: Genomics in Drug Discovery and Development: Pharmaceutical Applications of NGS SC12: Portable Sequencing SC22: NGS for Infectious Disease Diagnostics SC24: Flow Cytometry and Phenotypic Cell Analysis in Immuno-Oncology KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Analytical Validation of a Liquid Biopsy NGS Assay Lin Wu, Ph.

D., Vice President, Development, Roche Sequencing Solutions, Inc.

Canada's agriculture, agri-food, fish and seafood sectors are heavily trade-oriented and are experiencing new challenges resulting from changes such as the rise of new emerging markets.

To remain competitive, the sectors will have to be competitive, not only on the basis of costs, but also by meeting changing customer (market) requirements for food safety, gaining access to new markets and maintaining existing markets, both domestically and internationally.

Teachers, parents and textbook companies use technical "readability" formulas to determine how difficult reading materials are and to set reading levels by age group.

This study from North Carolina State University shows that the readability formulas are usually inaccurate and offer little insight into which age groups will be able to read and understand a text.

► New stream available: Business Architecture The Open Group Certified Architect (Open CA) program requires candidates to submit a comprehensive certification package detailing their skills and experience gained on working on architecture related projects, followed by a rigorous peer review process."I feel highly honored that you recommended that my application to be a Master Certified Architect should be accepted.

Certification Login There are 3 levels of certification in Open CA.It will achieve this objective through activities currently grouped into four streams: There are two contribution funding streams that support industry-led projects under the Agri Marketing Program: Market Development and Assurance Systems.This guide focuses on the Market Development stream.The Open Group Certified Architect (Open CA) program is an independent global certification program for qualifying the skills, knowledge and experience of IT, Business and Enterprise Architects.


Accepted and applicable worldwide, Open CA boasts more than 4,000 certified professionals from 180 companies in more than 60 countries worldwide.

In order to assess the effectiveness of using phonics the researchers trained adults to read in a new language, printed in unfamiliar symbols, and then measured their learning with reading tests and brain scans.


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