Updating records in mysql databases with htmlphp


This tutorial explains the basic concepts behind database-driven websites, often also referred to as .

Using the popular server-side-language PHP and the database My SQL, I show how to implement core dynamic features such as collecting data, storing data in a database, searching a database, or validating user inputs.

It is intended for programmers to leave comments about what their code is doing so that either themselves or other people who work on the code have an idea as to what the code is doing.

In the example below, we've put in comments explaining what exactly certain peicies of code are doing: Now that we have the php code to insert the comments into the database, we need to put the code into our pages (page1and page2.php).


A birds-eye view on web applications The Web Browser's Job The Web Server's Job A (sloppy) intro to the world of server-side programming with PHP Outputting text Variables Simple Math Conditional statements Looping control structures Text Manipulation Collecting data via HTML forms A minimalistic form-processing web application Input Validation Using forms with text areas, list boxes, check boxes and radio buttons Passing data to a PHP script via the URL Making data persistent Session Management Using a database for persistent storage Setting up a database Preparing a My SQL database Interacting with a database Connecting to a database Adding, updating, deleting and querying data Putting it all together in web-based personal address book (Somewhat) Advanced server-side scripting Authentication and Authorization Sending emails Security considerations Risks Sources of vulnerabilities Other server-side web technologies Cold Fusion ASP and ASP.Thx Bill Bruggemeyer :) debug_all = true; Then it will print out each and every query and all of the results that your script creates.



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