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In order to implement tree-specific effective date processing from the web-based People Soft Tree Manager, a People Tools-provided work page – PSTREEMGRXFER – needs to be added to any component that updates effective-dated application tables.This work page contains logic that: This new work page has already been added to the default components used to maintain the TREE_NODE_TBL and TREE_LEVEL_TBL, so only those trees that use effective-dated application pages for maintaining the node, level, or detail values need to be updated.Resources may include Illustrated Parts Catalogues (IPC) and delivery documents. If the manufacturer does not publish maintenance instructions for this procedure, the operator must develop appropriate General Maintenance Manual (GMM) or equivalent instructions and procedures, and provide them to their principal inspector (PI) for review. Instructions must include troubleshooting (to verify that a component failure and not a system failure caused the component to fail). Operational checks, and/or deactivation and security of components must be performed to put the aircraft into an Airworthy condition for return to service.NOTE: The FAA does not permit the use of this policy for the purpose of extending MEL deferral time.

Also, we do typically use chapter specific page numbers to help minimize the impact of adding a new page.

The procedures in your exposition should also provide enough detail so that your personnel can conduct their activities consistently in line with your intentions.

A person at a supervisory level of administrative control who has overall responsibility for the management of both the required inspection functions and the other maintenance, preventive maintenance, and alterations functions. When a component must be operative in a required position in the aircraft, the operator may swap positions of compatible components from a non-required position to a required position in order to operate the aircraft in accordance with the MEL. When not prohibited by manufacturer maintenance instructions, this procedure may be used. Operators must verify component compatibility in order to swap component positions.

So far as the work performed is concerned, the airplane is in condition for safe operation.


NOTE: Rather than restate the above requirements each time the operator executes an airworthiness release, the operator/applicant may provide a statement in the manual that the signature of a properly authorized person constitutes that certification.

It sets out-both for CASA and the personnel involved in your operation-how you intend to comply with all applicable legislative requirements and manage the safety of your operation.



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