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Upon completing the bridge they constructed at the end of Patapon 2, the Patapons find a mysterious box.Upon opening seven evil spirits are released and turn all the Patapons to stone except Hatapon.[ ] Added 0x C2 code type (run code from cheat list) to PSPAR extended engine.

Update: Added pics for working reference, Prometheus 4 Update: Click here to download the free Patapon 3 Bald Cap helm Note: Codes are still being fixed for DMA issues; Codes work differently on patched and untouched copies.A silver Hoshipon from inside the box revives Hero as Superhero Patapon. Now that these guys are back, enjoy the Patapon 3 [USA] [UCUS-98751] CWCheats: .



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    All in all, this book is a must-read and I strongly recommend it to any teenager.

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