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Before you start updating, there are a few highly recommended preparation steps that should help you get the best & quickest results: We can’t stress this enough – even if it all goes horribly wrong, recovering is quick and easy if you’re properly backed up.

Use the export tool on the labs page to create a folder in the root of your Ghost install – this contains your images and themes.

Therefore, if you’re unsure about restarting, make sure to test your restart command before you start upgrading.

If you’ve made any configuration changes, or not restarted Ghost before, now’s the time to check it works!

It is not an official Microsoft product - there is no warranty of any kind. The MIT License (MIT), Copyright (c) 2014 Felix Rieseberg & Microsoft Corporation.


The development team pays a lot of attention to what the player feels when shooting, whether in third or first person, in order to provide the most authentic, as well as the funniest possible, experience.In order to get the latest version of Ghost on Ghost(Pro), you do not actually need to do anything.



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