Updating an antique wardrobe trunk lime dating

GOOD TO KNOW Place the front and back sections together so that you can drill pilot holes in both at the same time. Step 2 With the box frame on a flat, level surface, insert the bottom.Drill pilot holes through the front, back and sides and countersink before screwing into place.


If you don't like the look of an old dresser, update it with a bright color.You will notice that there are no feet on the box and I should have attached these before gluing on the strips - put your feet on first before attaching the strips!Step 4 See my comments above about attaching the feet before you glue on the strips.Use a tape measure to locate the nail point on the inside of the trunk lining, then tap it loose with a nail-punch and hammer.


As each nail head pops out on the outside of the trunk, grasp it with a pair of pliers and pull it through.Tap the nails in place with a hammer, and bend them over inside to attach them to the wood.



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