Updating address on passport


Leveraging a professional relationship with foreign consulates and the U.

Visa Rite is a passport and visa expediting company authorized by the U. We charge a service fee for our professional service.

You may apply directly through the US Department of State. Passports can only be renewed if following conditions are all met: A damaged passport is considered invalid.

If your passport is ripped, torn, separated, washed or altered in any way, it needs to be replaced.


If you have changed your name, you should apply for a new passport in the same name as your other identification, using the adult general application form.

If you want to renew your passport using the simplified renewal process, it must have less than 12 months' validity remaining.

Exception: If your passport is full or you wish to replace your non-electronic passport with an e Passport, you can submit a simplified renewal application even if your current passport has more than 12 months remaining.

This process is for replacing a damaged passport when the damaged passport is still valid.

You may apply for a second passport, If you are traveling between politically sensitive countries.

If you need further help please contact the Pet ID Equine team Horse Passport application form The Horse Passport includes owner and equine details, and a diagram showing the equine’s markings in colour and the implant site of the microchip on a signed silhouette.



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