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SYSDUMMY1 UNION ALL SELECT val1, val2, val3, val4, val5 FROM SYSIBM.DB2 is a family of database servers developed by IBM. Hi I am developing an SSIS package in VS2008 for SQL Server 2008.I perform some actions on a table retrieved from a db2 database row by row in a C# project.

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Hello, I need to update million of records in DB2, As there would be log full scenario, so want to use stored procedure for doing so.

Also, do not want to use "Not logged initially" because of possible failure and recovery required in case of problems.

C3)MERGE INTO employees AS tab USING (VALUES (123456,'smith','bob') ) AS merge (id,last_name,first_name) ON = WHEN MATCHED THEN UPDATE SET = merge.id, tab.last_name = merge.last_name, tab.first_name = merge.first_name WHEN NOT MATCHED THEN INSERT (id,last_name,first_name) VALUES (merge.id, merge.last_name, merge.first_name) In SQL Server,


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I did a lot of searching on net , but not much is available on this problem.



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