The dating game introduction


As a successful professional, you just don't have time for the 'hit and miss' approach to dating that you find at singles events or internet dating sites.

I recoiled back, almost falling off the stool, but I caught myself. “Oh, it’ll be lucky alright.” He then wrapped his arms around my waist, slung me over his shoulder, and headed for the door.

*Canada becomes visible* Canada: Y-you can s-see me? I heard a few “Aws” and giggled, then turned around. But as I turned around, I was met with a pale, smug face merely inches from mine. Looks like you picked the lucky number.”I rolled my eyes and pushed his face away. Maybe not.”The grin on his face morphed into a devious smirk.

After a moment of thought, I sighed again and recited my chosen number.“Two,” I said with half-certainty. ” said Gilbert as he stepped cockily out of the line-up. ”A split-second later, I blinked when I saw a relatively short Asian man with black hair and dark eyes step forward. It was obvious by his laughter that I had picked him, and I could only turn around and accept my fate––I mean date.

Learn about different types of radiometric dating, such as carbon dating.


Understand how decay and half life work to enable radiometric dating.By Thomas Castronova | Tom is a serial marketer and digital media expert with a B. He is an avid baseball fan and remains active by playing in various softball and kickball leagues around the area.


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