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The Hoover-born singer, songwriter and former "American Idol" winner has a headlining spot at the hotel’s Indigo Lounge, starting June 26, and he’ll settle in with a piece of black Samsonite for the 40-concert run. Still, he’s used to that, after years on the road as a touring artist and a couple of stints in New York City (where Hicks appeared on Broadway in a revival of "Grease!

") and Nashville (where he recently holed up to work on a country-soul record). And it’s one of those gigs that you don’t turn down.

Center Street transforms into an open-air market with outdoor dining, shopping, children’s activities and more.

The “pit” parking lot on the corner of Center and Wales streets transforms into a unique, amphitheater-like concert venue, with great acoustics. Hicks says of this tour: “I’m doing a small intimate setting and I’ve always loved doing that.


Hicks was enjoying some time back home with his family and friends in Birmingham, Ala. He had been on the road for about four weeks filming his new television show, “State Plate.” The show will premiere this fall on INSP Network. Hicks is hosting and said, “It’s a plate of food that has booze, appetizers, desserts, entrees that are all indigenous to their respective states.” He’s filming in Vermont and will be showcasing some food from here, too. He’s been in the restaurant business for about seven years now and said, “If you’re in Alabama, you can’t not be a foodie.

"I think, after traveling and performing, playing so many casinos and doing well in them, all signs started to point to Vegas," Hicks says. I just hope I live to tell about it." He’s kidding, of course.



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