Tabcontrol validating

There is sometimes confusion between the terms Record Source and Row Source.

Both are properties that can contain a table, query, or SQL string.

Sample database: Select First Item In (36 KB) Combo boxes and list boxes are a great way to control user experience by limiting the values that a user can choose to a known list.

When working with Combo Boxes and List Boxes, we often find the need to select the first item in the list by default.


You can do so as follows: Note that Causes Validation should be set to True since you will be listening to the Validating event in the next step.Is there a way to prevent the user from leaving a tab on a Tab Control until all the controls on that tab have finished validating? According to MSDN events happen in following order: Focus events occur in the following order: 1.. For this issue, I think there are 2 workarounds: 1.


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