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Die Materialien sind für junge Deutschlernende ab circa 15 Jahren im In- und Ausland auf den Niveaus A1 bis B1 konzipiert.Entsprechende Lehrerhandreichungen und Arbeitsblätter für den Einsatz im Unterricht stehen online zum Download bereit.We have seen ourselves as providers of spaces and places only and hoped that people would accept our offer ;-) However, from our point of view the atmosphere was very constructive, friendly and relaxed, and it was great to see so many dear friends and colleagues attending one of the first mobile learning conferences in Germany.


Demoversion) - Demo-Band – Demotape – Demoversion – Deo – Deodorant – Deo-Roller - Deo-Spray – Derby – Design – designen – Designer - Designeranzug - Designer-Baby - Designer-Brille Designer-Droge - Designer-Kleidung – Designer-Lable - Designer-Möbel - Designer-Mode - Designer-Objekt - Designer-Outlet – Designer-Outfit - Designerschmuck - Designerschuhe - Designer-Stück – Desktop - Dessous-Party - Deutschland-Cup - Devilstick – DFS-Tower – Dia-Show - Diesel-Tank - Digital Native – dinieren - Dinnerparty (Spielart) - Dioden-Laser - Dildo – dimmbar – dimmen – Dimmer – Dinner – Dip – dippen – Director's Cut – Dirtsurfer (Inlineboard) – Dirty-Talking – Disc – Discman – Disc-Jockey (DJ) – Disco-Sound – Discounter – Diskette - Diskettenlaufwerk – Display – Display-Helligkeit – Disrespect - Disney-Channel – Disneyland – dissen – DJ – DJ-Battle – DJ-Pult – DJ-Set – DNA-Test – Dogging—doggystyle – do it yourself – Doku-Soap – Dolby-Digital – Dolby-Surround – Domain – Domain-Name – Donat- Donats drehen – Doodel – doodeln – Dope – dopen – Doping - Doping-Affäre – Doping-Kontrolle – Doping-Labor - Doping-Mittel - Doping-Opfer – Doping-Test - Doping-Skandal – Doping-Verdacht - Doping-Verfahren - Doping-Vorwurf – Dotcom – Dotcom-Millionär – Dotcom-Welle – down sein – Downhill – Download – downloaden – Downstream – Down-Town – Down-Under – Drag-and-Drop – Drag-Racing – Drag-Queen – Dreadlocks – Dream-Team - Dresscode – Dressing – dribbeln – Dribbling – Drink – Drive – Drive-in - Drogen-Boss - Drogen-Dealer - Dropdown-Menü - Drop-Kick – droppen (Ball) - droppen (Comp.Folgendes ist zu überarbeiten: Das Verzeichnis enthält viele frag- und merkwürdige Schreibweisen: Dies ist eine Liste von Anglizismen; englischen Wörtern, die in der deutschen Sprache benutzt werden (Schein-/Pseudoanglizismen bitte im Verzeichnis Verzeichnis: Deutsch/Anglizismen/Scheinanglizismen eintragen).Ein Teil der Wörter auf dieser Liste sind allerdings Exotismen – das heißt, diese Ausdrücke bezeichnen Realitäten, die nur im englischen Sprachraum bekannt sind – und Eigennamen.Graham Attwell posted his reflections about the Mobile Learning: Crossing Boundaries Conference on the vernally greenish Pontydysgu website. Graham commented on organisational aspects such as Especially good to see that Graham picked up the idea we discussed last week about having another conference, maybe next year, which could be covered under the “crossing boundaries” theme. After a busy week – it started on Saturday 19th with the two-days Edu Camp (#echb11) and ended with the Medien Kongress in Berlin (#kbom11) on March 25 – it is time to close the chapter MLCB 2011 (#MLCB).


This post is simply to reflect on lessons learnt and issues emerging, and to provide URLs to resources that we collected and compiled in order to allow for something like sustainability.On March 27 and 28, 2012 the conference “Educational Media Ecologies – International Perspectives” took place at the University of Paderborn (Germany).



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    Director Denis Villeneuve’s success with this sci-fi story about a language expert (Amy Adams) brought in to work with a theoretical physicist (Jeremy Renner) to communicate with a visiting alien species bodes well for those looking forward to the director’s Thought at one time to be a potential best picture contender, director Ang Lee's adaptation of Ben Fountain's novel about a young war hero (newcomer Joe Alwyn) flashing back to his tour of duty in Iraq while being honored at an NFL game turned out to be a commercial and artistic flop.

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    We always make sure there is a balanced ratio of men and women at our events.

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