Single dating multiple people

Can you start to guess what I’m going to talk about in today’s podcast?

Yes, in today’s podcast I am going to talk about multiplicity.

So I'm asking this before I go into this very grey area. Here's my issue, I like the girl I have been seeing and would feel really torn up about breaking up with her.

Chem and gets As on freaking everything) and she's got that anti-social shyness/ awkwardness about her.


On the other side, the more I talk to the other girl the more I like her and I am extremely attracted to her.

No, not multiple orgasms…but about dating multiple people.

I am going to talk about dating multiple people in a way you probably aren’t expecting.

If you are dating more than one man at a time, the process of elimination is exponentially faster, which is quite possibly the best reason to try mulit-­dating. Anything less is pointless, anything more is too hard!

The only problem is your feelings can get confused. ” Sophie, 31, worried about what dating many men at once would do to her reputation. For girls though, they always get shamed and looked down upon, which is awful when you think about it,” she says.I can see her, with her Earl Grey tea, shaking her head. And today, we are living in a time when anything goes when it comes to dating.


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