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could probably write a book on this subject, but I'm going to boil it all down to some basics that will help you make a successful connection, hopefully with someone very special.T-Girls are special - Femininity is a tremendous satisfaction for t-girls and most love the attention from a gentleman admirer.It isn’t difficult, but there are some things you absolutely must know.Otherwise you risk outright rejection and you may not even realize why. Would you like to be the guy every T-Girl wants to be with?Webmaster’s Note: This is a good glimpse inside the mind of one transsexual.This member’s comments are fairly typical for a self-identified transsexual.No straight woman wants a gay guy and no bisexual woman wants a gay guy who thinks of her as a guy. So, if you look at a transsexual woman as being a “she-male” (horribly offensive term), or a woman with “something extra”, then you have completely missed the fact that a TS woman is NOT male in any way, form. But every so often, what happens is that the brain stays female identified and yet the body turns into male, or even ambiguous, as in the case of intersexed, those born with both genitals.



Shemales like to have a good time with guys who appreciate their efforts to be both beautiful and special.First of all, let’s get a few things straight: if you are a guy who is entertaining gay or bisexual fantasies by being with a Transsexual, then you have come to the wrong place, period. Did he become a woman all of a sudden until it was re-attached? The fact is, gender identity comes from the brain, not the genitals.


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