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Tina Message Number: 14527 / Date Posted: 20/06/2008 SACKETT, DAVID from UNKNOWN is being searched for by KIRSTY DALZIEL from ARDROSSAN Im lookingfor my mothers Brother - he will originally be from Wales my Mothers name it Gail and was born in 1958 .... Message Number: 1530 / Date Posted: 10/12/2003 SADIE, FLATHER from EXMOUTH is being searched for by STEVEN MEYER from UNKNOWN hi im looking for sadie was in my year at exmouth comunity collage,we left school in 1989.And these snowdrops hold on to their leaves very well, providing a strong foil for later miniatures - scillas, wood anemones and erythroniums. woronowii does well here, principally because it has adapted to so many different habitats in the wild.It thrives in the Pontus Mountains of north-east Turkey and in southern Russia in a variety of habitats.Or dauthers Suad and Nuhad and sons Eyad, Fuad or Zyad who studied computers in 1999. They lived in El A Shar close to the railway station (Muhata katar) in Basrah, they also lived in Belgrade since 1981. Last iformation about them is that Sabih, Suham and Suad, live in Tripoli, Lybia and working as a physics and English professor. Plaease if you know something about this family please let us know....Message Number: 4061 / Date Posted: 22/08/2005 SACCO (TAYLOR), ELISA from UNKNOWN is being searched for by TINA HARTLEY from BURNLEY I am looking for an old school friend who went to st hildas in burnley 1985-1988, if anyone knows of her wherabouts i would be grateful if you replied.Sometimes the two join up to form one solid, green mark.Galanthus elwesii was named in 1875, after Henry John Elwes (1846-1922), the renowned Victorian plant-collector, sportsman and traveller who lived at Colesbourne Park near Cirencester in Gloucestershire.

The stem carries up to seven flowers, each in a leaf axil; these have yellow falls, 1in wide, and very short creamy white standards.Message Number: 13755 / Date Posted: 09/02/2008 S, CARA LOUISE from UNKNOWN is being searched for by JENNIFER WOOD from CHESTERFIELD I am trying to find my daughter for 31 January 1989, born at scarsdale hospital. Please believe me when i say i did not abandon you. If you use Youtube please do a search for MFJ there is a video waiting for you. I have some new for you regarding a sibling.please get in touch if you read this.freeing for adoption case 1990Adoption case went through around June/July 1991. Love Mum Message Number: 2729 / Date Posted: 10/06/2004 SAAREPUU, MARK from LEEDS is being searched for by STEPHANIE SAAREPUU from UNKNOWN Does anyone know Mark saarepuu? Message Number: 11576 / Date Posted: 18/01/2007 SABEH JASIM, IMAD from UNKNOWN is being searched for by BRANISLAVA MILICEVIC/ JOSIFLJEVIC from BELGRADE Hello!!! Please if you know anything about family: Sabeh Jasim Abdul hasan, or his wife Suham and the oldest son Imad who is a doctor. Wisley Plant Centre RHS "Superb quality, as you'd expect from the Royal Horticultural Society's own garden centre, with the emphasis firmly on plants rather than seasonal tat," says Anna.

"Magnificent magnolias and fabulous f Dorothy Mc Claren is the owner of Flower Garden (uk); Anna Rose Hughes is a graduate of The English Garden School and a garden designer; Anna Pavord is the gardening columnist for the Independent's Saturday Magazine; Victoria Summerley is an executive editor of The Independent and edits the Saturday edition of . This is your chance to be part of a whole new way of meeting friends." This is not a dating website…


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