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Welcome to our online bookstore, designed especially for prevention professionals.

As the leading publisher of evidence-based prevention programs, we offer state-of-the-art resources in alcohol, drug, bullying, suicide, and dating violence prevention.


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    Strangers might give gifts to kids like a webcam to do explicit things online.

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    While the app is incredibly useful, it turnns out that many have been using it in a way that was unintended.

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    Pictured from left to right are Matthew Kenny, Becky Ritchie, Preston Mc Goldrick, Cairney Mc Goldrick, Olivia Maguire and Max Hunter SCHOOLS from council areas in the west of Scotland have dominated this year’s Herald league tables.

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    Whether or not the baby is his, sources EXCLUSIVELY tell Hollywood that Khloe’s family doesn’t think of him as “Prince Charming” anymore.

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    He hangs out with the guys, drinking, cussing, and bumper surfing, and he charms the young women, who've never met a more sensitive and considerate young man.

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    You know, it happened when I was in my 20s, and yes, I was modeling in Milan, and I think I was just curious, and I happen to think a woman’s body is one of the most beautiful forms in nature.”Lakshmi responded, “Not for a really long time.

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