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As we all know the video feature on the 5dmk2 is great but the sound recording options are not.I have only had the camera a couple of weeks and have fallen foul of the poor audio.And we do all of this zooming without ever stopping to consider that the habit might be making our videos worse, not better.I for one, believe that if you want to produce videos that look more like the high end productions you see on TV, it’s time to stop zooming. Here are 5 reasons you should stop zooming and never start again.There are always a few “know it alls” who have to share with me the fact that they “knew that stuff already.” I get a lot of pleasure out of those comments for some reason…



It’s a good solution for recording sound in camera, although I haven’t seen it yet so we need to see how well it works, it has sold out so that is a good sign. What the best solution currently out there until we have a decent adaptor is really is to record separately, that may sound old fashioned and very “film like” but it’s a lot easier than you think thanks to a very clever piece of affordable kit and a neat piece of software. It records everything from .mp3 48khz to 24bit 96khz.One of the most compelling reasons to stop zooming is that serious television producers stopped doing it years ago. Next time you turn on your TV, watch closely and count the number of zooms you see.Unless you are watching reruns from the 60s, 70s or 80s, (or poorly produced local programs), you could watch for a week without seeing one. One reason is that many of today’s television shows are shot like films, using cameras with fixed focal length prime lenses that do not zoom.I have a Sennheiser MK400 mic to go on top of the camera for better sound but it needs to be powered, so if you forget to check that battery you have mute sound.


Also the auto gain control on the camera is hideous, if something loud is suddenly heard the AGC crashes the audio down to practically zero then brings it back up again and of course it’s just an on camera mic, so best for b-roll really. Please click on the images below for more info and pricing. First up is the new Beachtek box that not only gives you XLR inputs but it has it’s own method to soften the audio out so when it goes into the 5d you don’t have the same crash in sound if something loud happens.Until the advent of such technology, photographs were made by exposing light sensitive photographic film and paper, which were processed in liquid chemical solutions to develop and stabilize the image.



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