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One thing you never have to worry about with Quentin Tarantino movies is having all the female characters in typical “damsel in distress” scenarios, desperately hoping a man comes in and saves them.

She’s stylized and sleek, but the only thing preventing her from being higher on the list is that, on her first night out, she overdosed and almost died.

He's taught us what a Big Mac is called in France and how to clean brain spatter from the inside of a car.

Now, not a moment too soon, Tarantino dissects the myth of the naughty librarian.

Dressed down with courts and a lightweight trench for work and glammed up with heels and a slick of lippy for drinks, this dress is sure to be the highlight of your summer wardrobe!

So why not click the link (right) to snap it up now for a very doable £308? Check out the navy beauties we've found from Vero Moda, Mango, Whistles and more.

"Because she was in her 20s, she was hot, alright, she was a hot white girl and her best friend named Jackie was a hot black girl and her other best friend, Lillian, was a hot Mexican girl.

And they lived in this swinging singles apartment with me." Sounds like Wilt's kind of place.

"It was almost like a sitcom, the way we lived in the 70s," said Tarantino, who added that his mom's boyfriends would take him to blaxplotation movies.And they lived in this swinging singles apartment with me.



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