Proposal for updating school curriculum


On April 12, 2017, the Receiver shared Winchester’s proposals for a two-year agreement with the Gilbert Superintendent/Head of School.The proposal encompassed two separate documents: a general tuition, scope of services and designation agreement and a Special Education MOU.At primary school level, the draft report shows respondents want practical learning skills including home science, art and craft, music, drama, agriculture, and foreign languages - French, German, Chinese and Spanish.

For secondary school level, Kenyans also want practical subjects including home science and art and craft.

School administrators say the Power Point presentation, also shared with the school board April 10, detailed possible changes that are still being vetted within the school district and are part of a yearlong collaboration with district principals to update curriculum.

In response to the outcry from parents, the district is hosting three information sessions for parents months earlier than it intended to. Blue Valley parents like Bob Stewart, who made a Facebook group called Save BV Arts after reading the Power Point, worry that fewer children will be exposed to the arts if the board considers the changes.

The district is discussing building a curriculum that uses projects, technology and collaborative teaching to meet students’ needs.

But to make those changes, the district is talking about changing school schedules to give students more options and fewer requirements for electives, Superintendent Todd White said.

While it is important to note that the revised curriculum for K‒9 is mandated for the 2016‒17 school year, all partners recognize that the process of curriculum implementation takes time.


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