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He was awarded the ‘Male Actor of the Year’ award at Le TV Entertainment Awards held in Beijing, China.couple Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung reunited on stage, and the picture above where she fixes his shirt is straight out of the drama where her pretend eunuch character took care of his princely attire needs.I didn’t know that I would reach 35 so quickly.”However, there is another revelation that sounds almost like something straight out of a K-drama scene.In a separate interview, Park Hae Jin revealed this stunning promise: “I broke up with a friend of mine a while ago, and made promises back then that if neither of us were dating anyone by the summer of 2017, we would get together and get married.There were a couple of other fun moments where stars ended up the same frame whether presenting or sitting with each other, including costars Ji Chang Wook and Yoona and Park Shin Hye greeting D. My personal fave has to be a candid shot of Gong Yoo right behind Park Bo Gum almost like he was going to unleash the Goblin on him lololol.He had a fanmeeting to celebrate his 10th anniversary since debut, and during his Q&A session, a fan asked him his marriage plans.

In Hae Jin’s case, he is so popular in China from previous dramas that Chinese fans made this particular drama one of the most popular of 2015 despite not having aired at the time.

As a movie buff / bookworm I have seen my share of actors/actress in varies genres and yes some have the ability to transform from thrillers/horror to fantasy/comedy with a drop of the hat. I must be the only "fan" out there that would be basically running away from you let alone towards you... I really hope that you are getting in the top and want to see more dramas. Sana sunbae diye seslenmek istediğimiz şu gunlerde bizden çok uzaklardasin ne yazik ki. ❤❤ Park Hae Jin is my absolute favorite korean actor!

:) all the best Park Hae-Jin ; you've succeeded in something I never thought possible. good thing you got included to Doctor Stranger and it makes me happy cause i'm watching a good drama with two good actors ... Your acting is really good thats why I was gonna getting more interested and looked the whole drama at the end and i wish that you would act in dramas like this. I cant wait for your new project, love you :* Park Hae Jin is one of two actors that I think is very excellent in acting with expression. Hope after CITT we'll see his next project soon, a better drama as a leading actor.

looking forward to watch more of his movies n dramas... Now it is the right time for him to shine (as he has grown out of the "little romantic boy" image and no one can look down on his ability). can not denie your the main reason why i watch #Cheeseinthetrap i first saw you at from another star at that time i already said youll be a famous actor .... Oppa I was really flustered about your charakter in "The cheese in the Trap" but i am really happy to see you in this drama. I'd love to have a conversation with him because he's so deep! i like to look your mysterious face, your mysterious smile, but keep loving and care.


i love it.handsome and kind hearted man.projects to come in the future.. Oppa~ Your character in the newest drama Man XMan is awsome!!!!! Love you oppa~~ Your latest drama "Man to Man" just so cool!! Your actions, emotions, eye contact and also your expressions was wonderful and natural. I'm finally seeing more dramas w/ suspense, mystery, thriller and a lot of butt-kicking, heck yea! avoid playing cheesy romantic roles as it doesn't do anything for your talent. I recently watched Cheese in the trap and he is soooooo good in acting the drama although the story became a little off, he made it interesting to watch.... He has just made an impressive comeback in Korea recently and everyone can see the maturity and gorgeous skills in his acting as his characters are of various sides. Most definitely will we now see him in many dramas with him as the main character. I am really like you, your acting is great, not only in Bad Guys, but also in Cheese In The Trap. :) Man to man, Cheese in the Trap, Bad Guys, Hot Blood, My Love From the Star, Doctor Stranger etc.. But please choose a better leading actress for that drama like Park Shin Hye, Jun Ji Hyun, Yoo In Na or Kang Sora. Oppa keep it up with your work but also take good care of your health. Man X Man.kind of facial expression you have is so is gathered/gaining attention to the viewers .. I don't really like the female character, but anyway I will support you and this film! And,, Happy Birthday, luv yaa Please do not fall in love whit that manager girl in MAN TO MAN! If you do that the whole great role of you will stuck in s--t. K is like Korean Sherlock Holmes Dude, after seeing you in Bad Guys, I thought you shld play psycho roles more hahaha! I've taken a break from watching Kdramas 'coz none are peaking my interest but so glad to see several ones that are my style coming out ie lots of action. There was time he nearly disappeared in Korea's screen, but he did succeed in gaining fame in China, and was the main lead in most of his dramas there. I will say, I love that he won't just pick up any drama, but chooses them wisely.


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