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A new report has led those who work with victims of human trafficking to an unsavory conclusion about Orange County’s wealth: Perpetrators know they can bring victims here to sell for sex acts at a higher price than anywhere else in California.“Whatever the price in Los Angeles County, whatever the price in San Diego County, it’s going to be twice the price in Orange County and it’s going to be worth the trip for them,” said Lita Mercado, an administrator with the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force, which will release its annual report today.We provide coverage of beaches and surf breaks in California and Hawaii, or for some international flavor, our cams are in El Salvador and Costa Rica, too.Peek in on surf using our HD streaming service at the world-famous Huntington Beach pier, or head north on the California coast to Capitola Beach.


Our live beach cams help you keep an eye on surf conditions no matter where you are in the world.Of 231 domestic sex trafficking victims studied over the three-year period, only 22 percent were from Orange County.Of the remainder, 56 percent hailed from other California counties and another 22 percent from out of state.For the first time, the task force report looks at the origins of victims who have been rescued in Orange County, along with the origins of perpetrators who have been prosecuted here.

The majority in both cases are from other California counties or out of state, the report says, based on a review of data from 2012 to 2015 by Community Service Programs, administrator of the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force.

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