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It's a baffling scenario and doesn't do much for one's self-esteem: it's a lose-lose situation on the dating scene.

It also doesn't help that the longer a woman is single, the longer her list of "requirements" for a partner becomes. "That's it," one female speed dater announced after regaling me with yet another depressing yarn about a deserting dude. I'm either going to become a nun or give women a crack." That last threat I'd heard before - I'd said it myself. Having someone do it to you gives you a whole new perspective on life.

Dogs are like that, they give their affection freely,” says Auckland Council’s Community Development and Safety Committee Chair, and registered responsible dog owner, Councillor Cathy Casey.

“Our shelters rescue dogs of all breeds, shapes, sizes and ages, so Aucklanders can come down and check them out before making any kind of commitment,” she says.

In small groups, girls heard personal and moving stories of the vocation of individual sisters and learnt more about the OP, RSJ, RSM and SMSM charisms before moving to a different religious woman to hear another experience.

In this year of consecrated life this was a particularly valuable experience for the young women at Carmel College as part of the religious education unit, Commitment and Ministry, and as they think about their own vocations.


Mr Salt said another factor was that men who divorced typically re-partnered more quickly than women. when [men in their 40s] look in the mirror, they need to discount their hotness by the proportion by which there are more women than men," he said.Auckland Got a Trade Speed Meet took place at the end of October 2016 in South Auckland.The Speed Meet concept involves employers, jobseekers and secondary school students coming together speed-dating style, via short six minute mini-interviews.You know the drill: girl meets boy, girl and boy start the "getting to know you" process, boy vanishes without a word. And it seemed every woman I spoke to - and some blokes - had a ghosting anecdote to share, perhaps in a futile attempt to figure out what really happened to the one that got away.

I certainly had one or two ghosting tales of my own: the bloke with the hotted-up ute who made like Casper after a romantic movie date, or the guy who rang me every day for two months only to drop off the face of the earth."But having said that, women are smart, men are dumb.


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