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We went into the dark back yard, I unzipped and pulled my now semi-hard cock out, he looked around for a second and then took his left hand and held it while I peed in the grass. I got rock hard right in his hand from him just touching it. Don't waste your time dating when you can cut straight to the chase.My pulse was really racing now and I was almost overwhelmed with anticipation over what might be starting.I had to see where this was going so I replied, "Okay, let's go."I remember very vividly when he opened up the sliding glass door. I was straight, but I wanted this guy sexually so much.I kinda got the vibe that he wasn't totally straight, but I wasn't sure at the time if it was real or just my attraction to him that made me think so. The thing that put my mind into high gear about him was while hanging out with him and some other buddies at his brother's house drinking some beers, I went to the bathroom to pee. Snickering I continued, "Oh, I thought I was gonna get some special treatment tonight." He looked me right in the eyes and said, "Well, if you don't wanna get pee all over the bathroom, we can go in the back yard, it's dark back there".I can remember this very well, because hearing him say that made me so excited. I decided to hold back a little in case he was just kidding around.


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He was twenty-three at the time, slim with light brown hair.

I was attracted to Ryan physically as soon as I met him; we talked a lot and we got along really well. I replied with a grin."Ah, I meant your beer." he respond, his cheeks flushing slightly.

People love to communicate, and online chat rooms just gave us another option, particularly when it came to picking up girls and hitting on them.

Before the Internet phone chat was all the rage, and it’s still very popular, but now online chat presents yet another option.In an attempt to call his bluff I laughed, "Yea, right Ryan, don't get my hopes up like that".


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