Monazite dating

Critical factors include the roles of collimator slit, detector gas, background estimation, accelerating voltage, probe current, X-ray interferences and count rate in affecting the accuracy, and a way to apply the Th and U interference correction without pure Th- and U-oxides or synthesized pure Th Si O.

The age-mapping procedure for young monazite and zircon includes acquiring Pb Mα (or Pb Mβ) intensity of individual pixels with multiple spectrometers, correcting background with background maps computed from a measured background intensity by the intensity relationships determined in advance of the measurement, calibrating of intensity with standards and calculating of ages from the Th, U and Pb concentrations.

From the petrological context, we propose that sulphate-rich monazite reflects high-temperature Fe–sulphide breakdown under oxidizing conditions, coeval with biotite dehydration melting.



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