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At Arab Lounge, we take the security of our members very seriously, which is why we take pride in our 5 Star Safety Program.

Arab is the leading website for Arab singles looking for dating, friendship and love today.

Happy families: Adam Lyon pictured with his girlfriend Brooke Shedd (right), his other girlfriend Jane Shalakhova (left), Brooke and Adam's baby boy Danté, and Brooke's son from a past relationship, Oliver'I even met and became mates with some of the men Alexandra was dating.

It was really good bonding for us - chatting about our sexual exploits was a turn on and we'd go make love to each other afterwards.

With some people, there will always be sexual attraction, but you don't have to always go there with them.

You can get a lot out of a friendship when you keep it platonic." William Moore, 26, Personal Trainer"Men and women often think they are nothing but friends, when in reality one person's mind or the other is thinking more.

If you find them attractive and they find you attractive, it's a match and you go from there.

You will love meeting other Arab singles in our fun, safe, and friendly community!The new casual dating app Tinder has been all over the news lately, so I wanted to find out for myself what all the rage was all about. All you do is look at pictures of people and say whether you find them attractive or not. You have 500 characters or less to tell possible dates what you're all about. How can people give an interesting description of themselves that briefly? I spent a whole weekend looking at pictures of women!Soroya Bacchus, 51, Psychiatrist"With my line of work, I come into contact with beautiful women all the time.


But for me, it is a matter of knowing when not to cross boundaries.

They may never share this information with their friend, but there is always that feeling that one of these days we're going to get a little tipsy and make-out." John Powers, 29, Stand Up Comic and Relationship Columnist"I have many guy friends. Period.""I have more male friends than female friends and I think it really comes down to interests and personality or whether or not you have something to talk about. It actually feels more comfortable [to me], and I think that's the key.


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    Their awesome, themed, date night events give you a refreshing alternative to meeting people in clubs and bars.

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    (“the website”) is a site operated by Rocketspark Limited ("We", “Rocketspark”, “Us”).

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    Find love again, meet new friends, and add some excitement to your life as a single senior in Indiana.

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    DAK established itself as a quality brand in 1947 and is a solid presence in club stores throughout the country.

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