Intimidating things to say before a fight dating obese old

Edward Norton looks so awesome before he curb stomps that dude that tried to steal his car.6.

Outnumbered - It is awesome to be outnumbered by many opponents only to turn around and absolutely demolish them all because you are a black belt in 17 different martial arts. Different Species - One of the coolest fight scenes I ever saw in a movie was in Far and Away when the one guy whose horse won't race, gets very upset and punches his horse in the face.

Conveying Physical Confidence Demonstrating Your Poise Preparing for Competition Community Q&A Getting a psychological edge over your opponent is essential to success in any competitive endeavor.

In order to get that edge, it is important to develop your own confidence and properly demonstrate it to your opponent.

you should never seek out someone to fight, or attack someone who is picking on you as a form of intimidation.

it can be very difficult to stay calm in a fight, but it's important to remain calm if you want to appear confident.

goldreply[–]theycallmegreat 402 points403 points404 points 15 days ago (8 children)i'm imagining a high school kid running while doing his best impression of going super-sayen.

I literally cannot move in my house without bumping into Joan Collins or Chuck Norris. Hey erm before we fight I just need to know, er will there be some sort of intermission at some point ya know for the using of the toilet facilities? but then again I am also partial to a piece of Gingerbread from time to time.


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