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One of the most irksome features of the HTC One M9 was…well, there weren't really any features to talk about.The same Boom Sound speakers were back, firing audio forwards into your face, and the camera was just a 20MP effort that took some okay pictures; not terrible, but nothing you'd tell your friends about down the local watering hole.

With all this technology at your fingertips, why not browse through our user guide and find out how to make the most of your mobile phone with a minimum of fuss.The HTC 10 is a phone that's the product of years of learning, which is why the company has created a phone that's big on design, strong on camera and brings a very user-friendly interface into the mix.The phone from 2014, the One M8, was one of the greatest phones ever made, one that I'll still dust off from time to time now just to get a feel for it once more - and the latest model seems to be the product of a lot of key learnings from that era.The first device with Sense, the HTC Hero, was released in 2009.


Following the release of the Hero, all future Android devices by HTC were shipped with Sense, except for the Nexus One, the T-Mobile G2, the HTC First, and the Nexus 9 which used a stock version of Android.

Instead, the SIM and memory cards slide into slots in the side of the handset which are protected by a dust cover.


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