How to stimulating conversation in dating


Do you think everyone has the capacity to be a leader?

) Do you think you’re currently operating at 100% capacity?

When two people start falling in love, they feel that it would never be possible to run out of things to say to each other.

But sooner or later, a time comes when even the most devoted of couples may begin to wonder what else to talk about.

Whenever I try to take things in a deeper direction no one bites." That's a fairly common complaint, especially from people who have more cerebral personalities and a 'quality over quantity' approach to socializing.

It's hard to precisely define what makes a conversation "deep" or "substantial", but you know one when you're having it.

) Are you living your life purpose — or still searching?

In fact, studies show that intellectual compatibility in a relationship is a huge indicator of long-term success and, eventually, happiness in marriage.

According to the , researchers attribute this to the natural inclination we all have for what they call “self-expansion.” We are happiest in relationships that encourage us to grow our base of knowledge.

There are a lot of reasons someone may not want to have a deeper conversation. And although it sounds a bit snobby, I don't think it's unreasonable to say some people just aren't as deep or intellectual as others.

When you're with someone who's also curious and thoughtful and likes to talk about deeper topics it's almost hard for the conversation not to go in that direction. If you tell several people you work as, say, a paramedic, some might reply with a, "Oh, I hate hospitals.

Talking about things that mean a great deal to us or that have influenced our lives significantly provides a special bond.


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