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[TH] [03] Scotland Yard: THE CANDLELIGHT MURDER (32 min) UK release date Oct53 BFC no. Snowden written and directed by Ken Hughes photography by John Wiles, Roland Stafford & Peter Bryan film edited by Derek Holding. The partner reports this to the police who investigate and with the assistance of the bank manager in Brighton, the killer is caught. Synopsis 2: A blind man is pushed over on a darkened stairway during a murder. Woolland also: John Wynn, Margaret Harrison, Hazel Jennings Gordon Craig, Nancy Bekh, Margot Bryant [DM] Synopsis: A missing crippled witness turns out to be a drug smuggler's dusguise. Introduced by criminologist Edgar Lustgarten cast: ~Russell Napier ........

Introduced by criminologist Edgar Lustgarten cast: Jack Lambert ......... [TH] [05] Scotland Yard: THE DARK STAIRWAY (32 min)(verified ob film) _aka_The Greek Street Murder Copyright 1953, UK Release March 1954, BFC no. Snowden Written and Directed by Ken Hughes photography by J. Burgoyne-Johnson & Ron Bicker film edited by Derek Holding Introduced by criminologist Edgar Lustgarten cast: Russell Napier ......... When questioned by the police the old man becomes frightened until his friend comes to the station. [07] Scotland Yard: FATAL JOURNEY (30 min) (verified on film) aka_The Case of Norma Preston Copyright 1954, UK release date Aug54 BFC no. Snowden written by James Eastwood Directed by Paul Gherzo (aka_Paul Dickson/aka_Paul Gerrard) photography by A. Dinsdale & John Reid film edited by Geoffrey Muller Introduced by criminologist Edgar Lustgarten cast: Gordon Bell .............

The new album, which just became available this week, is named for the canyon at the foot of the Wallowas, where Muller and Webb have lived since moving to Joseph in 2012.

The place references in the songs will be most familiar to locals, Muller said, but given the regional popularity of the mountains and lake, there’ll be plenty for those outside the area to appreciate.


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Muller’s song, “Good Road,” has been the show’s theme song for “a million years,” she said — later noting that the song was included on her 1989 album, “Matters of the Heart.”Muller is widely recognized for her playing and teaching ability on the dulcimer, which she was drawn to 30 years ago for its “sweet and delicate sound.” Though most associated with the Appalachian region, the stringed instrument surfaces occasionally in pop music — Muller cited Cindy Lauper’s “Time After Time” — and is played by a handful of musicians throughout the region.



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