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Diana has suddenly appeared at this eleventh hour in the story because she is a composite of every woman—really, everything—Don has left behind."You think you're going to do your life over and get it right," Pete said to Don as they drove to that golf meeting.Because of the out-of-left-fieldness of their relationship and the rushed nature of their story arc, something about this woman's entire writers have created weird dream sequences for Don before.(Remember that time he fake-murdered Mädchen Amick in season five?(C'mon, look at this size of this thing—I couldn't contain that if I tried.) I'm a complicated man with a complicated history filled with complicated relationships. Because I'm sort of an ice queen, and I can't tolerate my own children. I've somewhat recently come around to the idea of birth control pills, so if you're just looking for a good time, that's fine too.Who I'm Looking For: Someone who really, really respects women. I'm married and my husband is pretty hot, but a girl's gotta eat, right?


Up to the Season 3 finale, Draper was Creative Director of Manhattan advertising firm Sterling Cooper."But what if you never get past the beginning again?" In Diana—a woman who shares a name with the Roman goddess of, among other things, fertility and childbirth—Don seems compelled to go back to his beginning again and be reborn. It sounds like "Die Anna," as in Anna Draper, the widow of the actual Don Draper and, in a sense, Don's first wife.In the last few years, “Mad Men” has been the inspiration for players everywhere.

Men have modeled themselves after leading man Don Draper, famous for knocking boots with pretty much every female character introduced on the show.To celebrate the season's finale this weekend, check out these imaginary online dating profiles for everyone from Draper to Joan Holloway to that creep Harry Crane. Who I'm Looking For: I need a man who loves me for me, not just my Grace Kelly-like appearance.


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