Diablo 3 launcher stuck at updating tools Datein cam 2 cam


You see, I just put together a brand new Dual Xeon E5-2687W system.It is a beast: dual processor, 8 cores each, with Hyper Threading.Updates to League of Legends are released via patches.The patcher is responsible for scanning League of Legends files and updating them.Look to the other tools, like the Submit Feedback button in the client, for that.


According to the Windows Event Viewer, it was crashing.

It might take a while for it to start showing progress, but have faith **[UNIVERSAL RULES]( Z2Ew M-universal-rules)** **Game** [Gameplay]( [Player Behavior]( [Story, Art, & Sound]( [Team Recruitment]( **Community** [Boards Community & Moderation](https://leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-moderation) [Concepts & Creations]( [Memes & Games]( [Miscellaneous]( [General Discussion]( NBe EEk I) [Esports]( [Roleplay]( [Event Finder]( [Mechs vs Minions]( *** **[Dev Corner]( *** **Support & Feedback** [Service Status](



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