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We developed new versions of Qt, worked on a mobile phone stack called Qtopia, and also started to extend Qt from being a toolkit to develop UIs to a much more comprehensive development framework, including all required tools.

From the beginning, Qt has been released with both open source and commercial licensing options. I’m sure back then when C/C was one of the few languages powerful enough to deliver up some meaningful performance Qt was a step forward, but nowadays with languages like python and java, there’s a diminishing utility for all things old.


All buildings and operations are based on state-of-the-art eco-technology aiming at zero impact on the environment (rainwater catchment, photovoltaic energy and solar water heating, composting toilets, vegetative greywater filtration etc.).

In the spring of 2000, I got so lucky to be offered a position at Trolltech.

I joined the company a few months later and moved to Norway.

But I felt like I had to provide some colour around the recent announcement that Groopify (the startup I’ve been leading and growing for just under 3 years) will be shutting down and part of its team will be joining Paktor (the leading player in social networking and mobile dating in Asia and Latam). Too often do we see big or cryptic headlines raising questions about the terms of a particular deal or with limited context as to what happened and what lead to this outcome.

That’s the thing with private markets, information is limited, information is value, information is money.I am looking to share those times with a great girl Hobbies include football games, the gym, dancing, vacations etc I am looking for a person that will become my best friend. Someone to share everything from a laugh to a cry with. Someone to share and appreciate the little things life has to offer.


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