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I was wondering why so many of the men I have met on here say they are looking for friends, dating or hangout and I find that most of them that I have met are just looking for sex. I guess they just want to sleep with the most girls in a lifetime that they can. They're probably not being honest about it from the outset coz they dont think they'd attract that many women.....???? Any person these days who thinks of Prince Charmings' on white horses, or Playboy centerfolds, who have personalities like Maryanne from Gilligan's Island actually exist is foolish and will be abused and used everytime. If you've got so many men that blab about sex before they've even met you, you're not filtering them properly and need to be more selective.

Why are they not honest on what they are looking for? “Pimp” Or perhaps they have someone “at home” if you will, that they want to cheat on. But,when you meet them,sometimes you realize straight away what they're after......(they must think we're REALLY dumb...................................? Well if you want booty, you have to say "Intimate Encounter" and then all of a sudden, you cannot message 99% of women on Po F. If I click with someone, it's a given that I'm going to expect sex to be part of the package and he'd better be willing (and able) to put out.

or 1) place frequently visited by somebody: a place frequented by a particular person or group of people, especially for relaxation. Hang out just remains pretty much the same according to the their true meaning from the dictionary. From those that have posted hanging out is still a date. & if i am meeting a guy somewhere that would be a date.

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. if i judge that point wrong tell me your not ready ..we will do something else till you are ready moving to fast tell me and we will slow down ..dont miss judge me and conclude that sex is all i want from you ...though important sex is just one part of relations between men and women that is .feel otherwise would make me a jerk .which im not ..thinks"Dr, Mc Dreamy" Zom, you da man. Some guys are looking for sex that have friends, hanging out, and dating. " MAN:"Actually sweetheart, I REALLLLLLY like that black one you have because it shows off your shape much sexier".

It seems to me that this dating is not what it used to be 15-20 year years ago. This means you pay our way, they pay their way, you either meet or go together that does not matter. It is not necessarily long-term though."Friends" is exactly that.

My question is what is the difference between dating and hanging out? (movie, dinner, dancing) as a "couple" Hanging out ...... It is "hanging out" that you hope turns into something more meaningful and long-term, which is the "Friends" part.


According to online dating statistics, 1 out of 3 people are now using online dating as a method of finding their mate. It’s a different social networking concept from the other social network platforms, but the same in terms of sharing information, photos, latest news, etc.Wir verwenden Cookies, um Inhalte zu personalisieren, Werbeanzeigen maßzuschneidern und zu messen sowie die Sicherheit unserer Nutzer zu erhöhen.Wenn du auf unsere Webseite klickst oder hier navigierst, stimmst du der Erfassung von Informationen durch Cookies auf und außerhalb von Facebook zu.You might be interested in a relationship should the right one come along. Hang out means you're looking for female friends that you are hoping at some point to get into their pants. And nothing beyond, hanging out and whining about the guys they are dating to him. To me: dating is the traditional going out, he pays, he brings flowers etc.

And ''friends'' is for guys who think that if they make ''friends'' first they will eventually be a ''boyfriend'' and get into her pants. hang out is someone to pal around with so that your not going out alone (probably nothing more).

Some may say that this is the new dating norm for the 30-something age range. The key difference is it is LIVE human interaction!


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