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This article is about the umbrella term 'yoga' which includes religion, philosophy, and practices.

For one of the six Hindu philosophy schools, see Yoga (philosophy).

As the class rotates you spend no more than a few minutes with each partner.

This means that even if you can’t think of a word to say to the person with whom you’re doing the downward dog position, you get the chance to switch before the awkward silence becomes unbearable.

I don’t know about you but the thought of getting up close and personal with a room full of stretching, sweaty men doesn’t exactly fill me with joy.


Laurette served as the demonstration model for her mom.The sequences draw inspiration from Dru (heartwarming) yoga, Humandala (group) yoga and mindfulness techniques.The positions are focused around those that you can do in a pair. Switching partners after each move the class has a speed-dating feel to it, except that instead of a table and chairs between you there’s a yoga mat.Sober dating yoga seems rather daunting – perhaps drunk dating yoga might work better.


I start the class with a gentle warm-up, trying not to feel self-conscious. Dressed in a bright orange outfit, complete with trendy stubble, he is welcoming and super-friendly. The stretching and balancing moves are challenging but still easy enough for a novice like me to try without feeling silly.

The Oklahoma resident addresses groups across the country, speaking from personal experience and her knowledge as a certified personal trainer and aerobics instructor.


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