Dating in the workplace auto tire dating

Because the two employees work together, they see each other almost daily, providing them with ample time to learn each other’s work ethics, personalities, and even beliefs.These are characteristics that help determine whether or not a pair matches.The situation is also likely to lead to claims of favoritism by other employees—which could have their own legal bases but, in any event, will affect morale.

If you don’t know much about women & dating – you might find it difficult to determine whether a woman is behaving like her true self around you when you first meet her.

Let’s take an honest look at the pros and cons of dating women in the workplace.

The Pros Most workplaces have a good ratio of men and women these days, so you should have plenty of women to practice your conversation skills on.

Thus, relationships among co-workers have the chance of lasting because they have already skipped the awkward introductions and see that there is a possibility to have a lasting relationship (the reason that they have decided to pursue a relationship).

• Preventing dating could cause greater complications than allowing dating.

This may be hindered by a major breakup between employees.


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