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It started at the end of February, when Maria Riggio, 68, found the goose and her nest on a median along Century Boulevard in the over-55 community."She nested in the median, with cars going on either side, and I worried that when the babies were born they would tumble out onto the street," said Riggio, who led the charge to protect the mother, nine eggs and father goose.But ultimately, she said, "there's no possibility for us to keep the ruins where they are now." "It is not possible for them to stay where they are because it's right where the [water] collector needs to be, near St-Rémi and St-Jacques," she said, adding that Transport Quebec had been aware uncovering old ruins could be a possibility since at least 2008.After residents voiced their concerns at Wednesday's meeting, Bensadoun said Transport Quebec would once again consult with Quebec's Ministry of Culture about whether the artifacts could be preserved in a museum.It is owned by Fairway Investors LLC and principal owner Randy Bast.Bast said he has struggled to keep it as a functioning golf course, but after two years he is giving up.

165 across from Century Link is well along, and the excitement is building.Learn More Want to move your body and stay active while making friends and having fun? Learn More There are alway plenty of things to do here.


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