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Today, we are highlighting the 10 things Egyptian men hate the most about their partners, hoping we can make things better, though we know very well that women never change… Although men know it’s not something you can a thousand times, yet you still cry every time you watch it. If the Egyptian woman would be labeled something, there is no better label for her other than ““.“He swept me off my feet with his sweet words, compliments, attentive gestures, romance, and warmth; he was a god compared to European men, who are often distant, reserved, and not very emotional. Bit by bit, I began opening up too and, against my better judgment, I gave up all my defenses.In three months, he asked me to marry him, and in my culture this is a very serious step.We are ready to forgive you as long as you are telling the truth.Once you stop, you’ve taken the problem to a whole new level that will definitely lead to unpleasant consequences.Today I’ve decided to share a few lessons with you that I learned from the whole experience. Some guys in the West still have the decency to talk to the girl’s father before asking her to marry him. In Egypt (and I suspect all over the Arab world) this is something that needs to be done right at the start when you start dating.

That was until a bunch of came our way that threw a spanner in the works and brought the whole thing to a halt. It was a heartbreaking end and one that neither of us wanted but in the end it wasn’t our decision to make.

I translated his proposal as the epitome of love and I gladly accepted.”I listened to Sandy and I knew exactly how she felt when she first met “her hero”.


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    You see certain “role models” jumping from one dating relationship to another.

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    Group Sex Frenzy There is nothing better than a hardcore scene with two hot dames double teaming or sexy pornstars taking the center of attention in threesomes, gang-bang scenes and all-out orgies.

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    He worked as a pilot for Atlantic Southeast Airlines, and under the name of Jake Landrum, acted in several television commercials and programs produced in the Dallas area.

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