Dating a levi jacket


Below are various Trucker style denim jackets manufactured by Levi’s.

jackets also contain a pronged cinch-back or “clincher” located lower center of the jacket.

No one at the time could’ve had the slightest idea that the brand formerly known as The Two Horse Brand, would eventually grow so big that it could be seen on the likes of pop icons and presidents, let alone the entire world.

Most people that I know have owned a piece of Levi’s in their lives.

The brand was founded by two European immigrants in America, Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis with their patent for copper-riveted jeans.

The original use for the jeans was for miners during the Gold Rush–opportunists at the very bottom of the working class, venturing to California with very limited means, fighting the wilderness, each other, and deadly diseases eager to get a piece of the pie.

"1 Available" means there is only 1 piece available at that location and the item could sell out prior to your arrival.

If Levi’s is known for one thing besides their jeans, it’s their jackets, which they’ve produced for over a hundred years.If it's a "Big E" jacket, meaning the red tab reads "LEVI' S,' then the jacket dates from the '50s to around 1971.


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