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“Omega is thrilled to have crossed the finish line, and hopeful that projects like ours will mark a new era in sustainable design, one that reflects a truly integrated approach to creating built environments that are in harmony with the natural world.” - Skip Backus, CEO at Omega Use the icons below to find out how this project approached each Petal of the Challenge.Site condition prior to project start: Greyfield Significant site information: The Omega Center for Sustainable Living (OCSL) is constructed on land that was previously used as a burial spot for solid debris from years of operation with the previous owner.Simula sa petsa ng paggawa ng talahanayan, kukuha ang Analytics ng hindi naka-sample na data para sa iyong custom na ulat.Upang gumawa ng Mga Custom na Talahanayan, dapat ay mayroon kang pahintulot na Mag-edit sa antas ng property. I am a strong individual that loves walks, bike riding, music,education,and like respectful conversation.

On demand, water is pumped from the cistern to a holding tank and UV sterilizer.

In addition, the original fill material was removed and sold, dating back to sometime in the 1950s.

Name of Habitat Exchange project: Scenic Hudson Location of Habitat Exchange project: Hudson Valley area, New York, USName of participating Land Trust: Scenic Hudson Land Trust Land Trust website: Back To Top Annual water use: 16,476 gal Harvested onsite: 16,476 gal Rainwater cistern size: 1,800 gal Collection strategies: rain, ground well Systems fed: Ground Well: lavatories, drinking fountain, sinks Rain: toilets, washdown functions Grey water: Eco Machine Systems fed: dispersal field that recharges groundwater Black water: Eco Machine Systems fed: dispersal field the recharges groundwater Estimated total water use per capita: 30 visitors/day for 231 days/year 6 visitors/day for 134 days/year 2.525 gal/visitor/yr 16476 gal/yr (calculated) Design tool(s) and calculation method(s): Proprietary water/rainwater calculator Sub-metering data: NA Water Sources and End Use Locations Potable water comes from private wells located within the Omega Campus.

Gamit ang Mga Custom na Talahanayan, tutukoy ka ng isang kumbinasyon ng mga sukatan, dimensyon, segment at filter na gusto mong iproseso ng Analytics nang bilang mga sukatan.

Maaari kang gumawa ng Custom na Talahanayan na may kasamang mga dimensyon at sukatan na iyon.

Dodatkowe przykłady dopasowywane są do haseł w zautomatyzowany sposób - nie gwarantujemy ich poprawności.


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