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Net Smartz Workshop is proud to partner with Boy Scouts of America to help educate Scouts about being safer online and assist them in promoting community awareness of Internet safety issues.Scouts who earn the Cyber Chip will be able to practice safer online behaviors and advise others on issues such as cyberbullying and scams. If someone owns a precious object it is stored in a safe hidden in their house.To further protect a house the front doors have handle locks and dead-bolts.Police brought the suspect to their headquarters where detectives say he confessed. Patil confirmed that the Maharashtra government website had been hacked.



There is an area in people’s lives that is not heavily inspected for weaknesses, however....

OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF MAHARASTRA GOVERNMENT HACKED MUMBAI, 20 September 2007 — IT experts were trying yesterday to restore the official website of the government of Maharashtra, which was hacked in the early hours of Tuesday. “We have taken a serious view of this hacking, and if need be the government would even go further and seek the help of private IT experts.


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