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Just Enough Administration (JEA) provides a way for administrators to delegate certain admin tasks to non-administrators using Power Shell.

Unlike some of the other built-in delegation solutions in Windows, JEA is not tied to a particular product or service.

When customers install Microsoft Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) in Windows Server 2008 or Server 2008 R2, a couple of issues sometimes come up.

One issue involves installation; another is about Microsoft's recommendations for running domain controllers (DCs) as virtual machines (VMs).

You will also need a domain administrator account to register the JEA endpoint on the server.

Limiting your nameserver choices to only 2 or 3 could result in slower name resolution.4.

Log-on to your domain registrar’s self-service portal and add (append) an NS record for each Nameserver in your domain.

These issues might be familiar to experienced administrators.

But if you're a less-experienced administrator who needs to replace DCs that run Windows Server 2003 with those that run Server 2008 R2, this article will shed some light on these issues and can help you avoid problems.Adprep is a utility that you run to prepare an existing Active Directory (AD) environment for the first DC that runs a newer OS, such as Server 2008 R2. Run adprep /domainprep on each domain's infrastructure master. If you plan to install a read-only DC (RODC -- new in Server 2008), then you also need to run adprep /rodcprep for every domain that will have an RODC.


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